Next VIWG Meeting

Tuesday January 8, 2019 7:15 PM

The next VIWG meeting will January 8th starting at 7:15 pm at Lee Valley Tools in Colwood. Come early and do some shopping.

Our presenter will be Richard Brown. “Pragmatism, Perseverance and Problem Solving”, this illustrated talk will describe the history, design, mathematics and construction of building this wooden 20 ft pocket cruiser, constructed for use in the coastal waters of the Gulf Islands. Moonfleet (named after the title of the book published in 1896 by John Meade Falkner) took 30 months to build, as a part time project. Although unconventional in its construction method and designed to be built by those with basic carpentry skills, it has proved to be both a seaworthy and comfortable vessel.

Richard Brown is a retired Architect. He received his architectural training in the UK and emigrated to Canada in 1977. He was a partner in a major firm of architects in Edmonton, Alberta for nearly 20 years, involved in the design of major institutional buildings and Health Care projects. For the past 17 years, and up until his retirement, he was Manager of Design and Construction for the Vancouver Island Health Authority (Island Health). He has many interests and particularly in the visual arts, where his art work has been exhibited at many exhibitions sponsored through the Victoria Arts Council.


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