October 2017 Newsletter

October Newsletter


The Next Guild Meeting

The October 10th Guild meeting will be held at Lee Valley Tools in Colwood at 7:15 pm. Geoff Vickers and Rick Lloyd will be demonstrating the use of a vacum bag for veneering. Two systems will be used to apply veneer to a pieces of wood. Please go to the Guild Home Page or the Guild Calendar for more meeting information.



Several workshops are available for Guild members. A veneer workshop will be held at Clearwater Industries on October 21st, providing an opportunity to get some hands-on experience with veneering. There will also be a tour of the Clearwater Industries workshop, veneer storage and a demonstration. Rob Blondeau will be giving router workshops. These workshops provide excellent opportunities for hands-on experience however safety concerns limit the number of participants. There is still room in the Beginners Workshop unfortunately the Advanced Workshop is already full. An introductory and advanced SketchUp workshop is being planned for late November and early December. More details will be available soon.



An interesting tour of the Aviation Museum at the Sidney airport has been arranged for December 3rd. One of the features of the tour will be the replica wooden aircraft, Hoffar-h-1 which is under construction. In the afternoon, the Craigdarroch Castle will be toured featuring exceptional woodwork, artifacts and furnishings. Click here for more information and to sign-up.


The Solstice Challenge

This Fall/Winter's challenge is to build something that provides light. We have added the condition that submissions cannot be firewood and/or kindling or burn during their expected usage. Finished projects will be displayed at the December 12th Guild meeting. For more information contact Geoff Burton ( programgb@viwg.com )


Spring Wood Show

Plans are underway for a Wood Show in the Spring (2018). Preliminary work has been done to secure display space at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre. This will not be a "juried" show. It is time to start planning your projects.


I hope to see you all on Tuesday!




Neil Bosdet

President, VWIG

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