Green Wood Furniture

Camosun College Fine Furniture Program students are learning the steps necessary to make traditional greenwood chairs as Sandra Carr learned to do in England in 2018.  Her chair is a real beauty as we saw at the March meeting.
One of the biggest challenges is getting straight grained wood which is “wet”.  The high moisture content means it can be heated in a steam box and then bent to shape and slowly cooled ready for working.  That’s where our Wood Recovery program came in!
For this work a variety of jigs, bending forms and drying boxes are necessary.  Here are some pictures taken by Sandra during the past week.  They show great progress especially the finished bent piece.  Take a look at the grain, yup it goes all the way around – continuously. 
The drying box which sets the shape, is  made of thin plywood with a 100watt light bulb providing a little heat.

There is some trial and error here where the material just won’t bend without failure, but that is part of the learning process.

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