Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the “+” sign to get an answer to the question

The website has a menu down the left side of the page showing the titles of pages. Click on the title of interest to move to the page containing the desired information. Areas of text where the color of the text changes and the words are underlined indicate a link to further information. Move the mouse to the colored text and click to get further information.
If you have questions or concerns about the website, please email the webmaster (
Your account will not be activated until your fees have been received. If you have questions concerning your membership please email VP Membership (
To return to a previous page, use the "back" arrow in the upper left corner of the browser screen. You can also use the menu on the left to click on the previous page or to move to a new page.
If your do not remember your password you can reset our password. Go to the menu to the left and click on "Reset Password" then follow the instructions.
To access the "Members Only" pages you must first login using your user name or email address and your password.
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