About Us

Our Guild is a non-profit organization of approximately 150 professional and amateur woodworkers, who are dedicated to the promotion of woodworking and the appreciation of fine craftsmanship in the southern Vancouver Island region. Founded in 1980 our guild has been able to create and maintain a community of people that promotes woodworking education, community service and collaborative projects of value to all skill levels and age groups. The Guild meets on the second Tuesday of each month at Lee Valley Tools in Langford. Get involved by being our guest at the next monthly meeting. The Guild has a full suite of education programs including show and ask sessions, weekend clinics, such as hand cut dovetails, making wooden hand planes and much more. Our meetings feature excellent speakers and presentors. There is a library that contains more than 350 books and videos that can be borrowed by our Members. The Guild members also gather to present their woodworking projects at a public wood show held on a regular basis.
We have several community projects underway. One of note is the Wood Recovery Program which donates a percentage of the wood recovered to schools on Vancouver Island. It is the only large scale wood recovery program operating in Western Canada. With municipal and private donations, we are able to use wood for artistic and community projects that otherwise would be burned. Members who participate learn all the steps from fallen tree to final processing. This includes cutting, grading, kiln and air drying and stickering with an emphasis on safety.
We have a long record of mounting high quality woodworking shows for novices and professionals alike. As a result, the Guild has a key role in the local artistic community. We thank our many sponsors who generously support our programs with specific donations and member discounts. We count on them for their financial assistance and for actively promoting the Guild to their customers.
The “Members Only” area contains more Guild information such as:  Members Directory, membership tools, Library listing, including woodworking information.
Guests are always welcome at our meetings and we would hope to see you there one evening in the future.
It is very easy to join the Guild and take advantage of all of the information and services that Guild Woodworkers are happy to share. Just click here!