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March 2021 Newsletter

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Next Meeting

The next VIWG meeting will be March 9th. Our presenter will be Craig Tomlinson from Vancouver. He's a harpsichord builder, instrument builder and jig maker. For more information on Craig you can visit his website.

The meeting will be online via Zoom as we have done for the past few meetings. Here's the link!

Neil Bosdet Victoria is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: VIWG March General Meeting
Time: Mar 9, 2021 07:00 PM Vancouver
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Meeting ID: 837 2795 9604

What is Happening in the Guild

Our last meeting featured a presentation by Michael Fortune starting a 6:00 pm due to the time difference with Ontario. The turnout of members was the best so far under the COVID rules with over 80 participants. Michael's presentation dealing with his woodworking career and accomplishments was followed by an excellent Q&A session where he graciously answered all of our questions. During the presentation, Michael mentioned that a package of his past presentations was available to be purchased. The Guild has purchased this package of 9 presentations and made them available to members through the website in the Library.
During the Q&A, Michael was asked about a source for bandsaw blades. He recommended Peak Toolworks in Toronto. We have contacted the company and will be putting together a bulk order to get a better price. More information with be coming soon.
Our Wood Recovery Team has been busy. Mick Harvey organized two milling sessions resulting in 577 bd ft being milled from one huge, 14 foot, London Plane log another 102 bd ft from a more modest London Plane and 322 bd ft from a nice Garry Oak. Jeff Cutler had a successful wood sale with 550 board feet of lumber being sold to members that included Garry oak, London plane, elm and the last of our maple. We did an appointment format which worked well for social distancing as it kept interaction with other members to a minimum. Special thanks to Ross Neuman and Rein Rungas who volunteered their time helping with schlepping the boards for buyers making the workload light. Although most of the lumber we have available has been recently milled, there is still some Garry oak which has been air drying for almost 2 years. Keep this in mind if you are planning to attend our next sale which will be scheduled in the next few months - stay tuned.
There has been a change to the Guild e-transfer. Our Treasurer has removed the requirement for a security question when sending an e-transfer to If you have any questions contact Dany Coulombe.

Mid-Island Woodworkers (MIWG) Wood Sale

The Mid-Island Woodworkers Guild conduct wood sales on a regular basis and VIWG Members are welcome to participate. Check the MIWG website for dates and times ( Getting to the location of the wood sales can be a bit tricky the first time so check the directions here.

Buy and Sell

There is a feature on the website menu "Buy and Sell" that allows members to see a list of items that are for sale or that are wanted. A listing can also be posted on the website. Click here for more details.

We Want to Hear from You

The following articles have been provided by you to share with other VIWG Members. Thanks to all of you for your input!

Bag Drier Stand

I can offer a reference to an article I wrote for the on-line journal “Woodturning FUNdamentals”, November 2020 issue. This is a publication issued by the American Association of Woodturners. Because they have copyright, I can’t forward it to you; VIWG members who are also members of AAW can access it. The article describes and shows how to make a bag drier stand for the kitchen, in the form of small turned trees. Plastic-film kitchen bags can be cleaned and hung on the stand to dry, for reuse or recycling.

Phil Cottell

A Kitchen Stool

Having lost the argument that wearing nice high heel shoes in the kitchen would make it easier to reach those upper cabinets, it became necessary to build a stool. Materials are a cedar fence board, short piece of 2x4 and a couple of coats of Osmo.

Another Close Call!

I had made multiple cuts on my table saw and had hit the off paddle. While moving pieces around I heard a bang and felt a very, very, almost imperceptible twinge on my finger tip. It took a moment to realize what had happened. My hand has passed over the still rotating blade. I don’t know what the rpms were at that moment, and, to be honest there was so little drama that I remember very few details. I am incredibly fortunate to have a SawStop. So, what’s the lesson? The cut isn’t finished until the blade has come to a complete stop!

Eric Scott

Shaker Boxes

I have been thinking about making Shaker boxes for some time however the thought of having a trough of boiling water in the shop discouraged me! Recently I found an article on Shaker boxes where the bending was done using steam, this I could handle. To my surprise there was some amount of preparation needed; find some good quarter sawn wood (thanks Don U), construct forms and shapers then a pipe anvil.
I used Garry oak from our wood recovery stash, baltic ply and MDF for the shapers and forms.
bruce 1
bruce 2
I built "traditional" boxes then a few using a different top and bottom design. Turns out that the traditional boxes are easier to build!

Bruce Thomson

Keeping Busy

Bandsaw boxes donated to the local SSI Conservancy silent auction
eric 3
eric 1
eric 4
eric 2
And some amateur boxes made for the localGolf club renovation
eric 5
eric 6
eric 7
Japanese tool box made for my brother in law
eric 8

Eric Scott

Kumiko Panel

Here is a kumiko panel I just finished up for our guest bedroom. 600+ tiny little pieces!!
Kumiko Panel 2 - 03 copy
Kumiko Panel 2 - 06 copy

Glenn Bartley

A Long Dutch Pull-out

I made a new Kitchen Table, It is made of Alder wood that I got from the Guild.The design is called a Dutch pull-out table, the plan design I ordered from Woodsmith magazine.The only hardware in the plan is for the anchor bolt for the legs and some screws.The table surface is 39 inches wide by 59 inches long, the pull-outs are 12 inches making it almost 7 ft long once fully open. The top is 7/8'" thick. I used Titebond two to glue everything.It took a few months to build since I was also re-finishing 6 chairs in between building the table.
Kitchen table1
Funny how things goes, after I finish this table my oldest daughter asked me to refinish her kitchen table, she wants a lighter stain.Does Covid needs to last a few more months just to give me time to catch up !!!

Dany Coulombe

Neil Bosdet

President, VIWG