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January 2021 Newsletter

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Next Meeting

The next regular meeting of VIWG will be January 12th at 7:15 pm. This meeting will be a "virtual" meeting held using Zoom. Here's the link to the meeting:

Topic: January VIWG General Meeting
Time: Jan 12, 2021 07:00 PM Vancouver (Meeting starts at 7:15)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 833 8751 6518

Our presenter will be Matthew Grisley, Leigh Industries, talking about and demonstrating Leigh dovetail jigs.

Please let Neil know if you have a Show and Tell for the meeting via email with a photo or at the meeting and have the ability to show the participants.

What is Happening in the Guild

Activities around the Guild have been relatively quiet once the holiday season took over.

There are new Garry Oak logs that will need to be milled, so stay tuned. We are also getting a giant London Plane. The base has a 4' diameter!

The Guild Facebook Group has 36 members and continues to grow becoming a place where members can share their most recent projects, items for buy and sell as well as thoughts on woodworking in general. Please note this group only allows members to post but is viewable by the general public. We're hoping this Facebook page will help drive new membership.

Watch for the next issue of What's in Store, coming out soon.

Saanich HeArts Update

In the June 2020 newsletter, you were introduced to the HeArts projects. Four members of the guild made wooden hearts and Frank Letchford was our pointman and got them delivered to the project. These were turned over to school groups and individuals for painting and decorating. Basically, art and therapy combined, cool.
Brenda Weatherston our Saanich contact updates us: HeArts Together Community Art Project you and your members helped us kickstart is going very well. We have produced over 300 wooden heart creations thus far with over another 100 in the works! We have completed 5 art installations in some of the parks around Saanich with more to go up in the early new year.
So many have been touched by making the hearts and sharing them with the community, thank you to the guild for your part in getting things started, including this one being held by a senior in a care facility.
If you would like to see the display locations and partners of the project (like the guild and one of our guild's founders Ken Guenter) and Westwind Hardwoods, just click on this link. HeArts Together: https://www.saanich.ca/EN/main/parks-recreation-community/arts/hearts-together-community-art-project.html.
The work and creativity that is going into these simple wood pieces is pretty neat.
The project needs more hearts! Get a pattern online, cut em out, maybe ease the edges a bit and bingo you made a heart that will be decorated and displayed with loving care! Size around 5 to 7 inches across. They are looking for a few larger as the "signs" for each location. If you want to make one of the big ones, them give Brenda a call. I am signed up to make one.
Brenda Weatherston is the coordinator. When your hearts are ready, give her a call at 250.475.5557 for delivery arrangements or for other questions.
(from Phil Makin)

Opportunity for Members

Our Saanich contact Brenda Weatherston says:
I was hoping you could please pass on to VIWWG members that we would absolutely love to host displays in our large 360 degree glass window display case at Saanich Municipal Hall, situated front and centre at the most used entrance to the Hall as well as the gateway to council Chambers. Exhibits are 6-weeks in duration and space is free for artists.
The venue is a fully locked display case, all glass around 64 square feet at the main entrance. We did a little show there in 2018 with around 10 guild members work. Fun to see your work out there in the real world. The room has glass on three sides and a filled wall on the fourth side and is raised 30 inches from the floor, good viewing for people.
It is capable of showing small objects, a chair or two and long vertical objects like a beautiful door by Jim Barker that we positioned on the back wall. The guild will provide some signage and we will assist members with display tags as needed. There will be no fee for sales that are made. Pieces that were in the recent Visions in Wood virtual show are welcome.
If you would like to display/offer for sale your work send a quick email to indicate your interest, with a very brief description of the pieces you would like to show/sell. pmakin@shaw.ca. At press time, we are unclear as to the timing possibilities but stay tuned. If we get enough interest, we may break the show into two three week segments. The guild Show Committee will have limited involvement, this is a do it yourself show. It is first come first served.
(from Phil Makin)

Mid-Island Woodworkers (MIWG) Wood Sale

The Mid-Island Woodworkers Guild conduct wood sales on a regular basis and VIWG Members are welcome to participate. Check the MIWG website for dates and times (www.miwg.ca/events). Getting to the location of the wood sales can be a bit tricky the first time so check the directions here.

Buy and Sell

There is a feature on the website menu "Buy and Sell" that allows members to see a list of items that are for sale or that are wanted. A listing can also be posted on the website. Click here for more details.

We Want to Hear from You

The following articles have been provided by you to share with other VIWG Members. Thanks to all of you for your input!

Woodworking for Charity

I put out a Shelter Challenge running up to Christmas. The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation helps woman and children escape abusive situations and find shelter. All money raised by our Realtors stays in the community it was raised in.
I offered up my Live Edge Bottle Toppers which I sell for $50 apiece. I offered them up to all Victoria Realtors with every penny being given to Shelter. I sold 30 toppers in a few days! It was a very late idea that I had on December 20th. Total raised for the charity was $1500.

Neil Bosdet

Christmas Gifts

I’ve attached a couple of photographs of three boxes I made for my Granddaughter for Christmas.
The hexagonal box is made with plum sides and has a marquetry (parquetry?) top using some ends of maple veneer.
The 6 sides are “continuous” grain.
I learned that 6” long sides for a square box makes a reasonably sized small box; and,
that 6” long sides for a hexagonal box makes a box significantly larger than I expected. I failed to “visualize” the outcome.
The black walnut box has vertical grain and uses ends of walnut veneer for the top and bottom.
As with the hexagonal box, the top is inset to protect the insects. The bugs were made by my friend Gill who does copper enamelling.
The turned box is spalted maple and suffers from stress cracks. No extra charge. I added a walnut band for effect. The finial is a cupboard door knob.

Don Urquhart

A Busy 6 Months!

Here are some things I’ve been working on for folks over the last 6 months.
I got layed off from Teaching Art because of Covid and so I’ve tried to make the best of it by going into full-time work by taking on commission’s.
I finished a 5’6”square epoxy pour dinner table with western maple.
I make a futuristic desk for a fellow who never had a desk that fit him right... himself being 6’6”. I had another client see that desk and asked me to make one for his son in less then three weeks, for under the Christmas tree...and I managed to do it!
Lastly, I was commissioned to build a Roubo workbench for a local House builder... been very busy as of late.
I’ve also been doing a side Hustle of teaching a 3 level Japanese Woodworking course out of my shop when between projects.

Mark McAllister

Some "Rough" Carpentry

My woodworking recently has been of the rough carpentry variety, replacing the surface on a large cottage deck so that it slopes outward, protecting the beam frame underneath from the rain, and shedding water away from the foundations. Sort of satisfying to feel a little more safe and secure from the Saturna Island storms of this winter. Lots of additions inside waiting for me too. Another plus is that 2 x 4's, plywood and paint are COVID friendly. No distancing required.
Looking forward to getting back to regular meetings, handshakes and maskless laughter with everyone. I'll be turning 80 soon, so will become suddenly vulnerable and requiring early vaccine attention. Even harder to get rid of me. My best to all of you.

Ross Beauchamp

Answered the Call

About the end of November I received a message from the Guild of a Lady up our way who was looking for a nice set of Bellows as gift. I had made bellows in the past (long past) and figured why not. I contacted the lady got some specifics from her and proceeded. The final result was 3 sets (?) of bellows. One in Cherry one in Elm and a hybrid set of ½ elm ½ cherry (as that was the widest boards I had on hand) A quick trip to Nanaimo to Buckskin Leather gave me a lovely oiled hide and Amazon provided the decorative tacks. It was a fun project and provided her with a set (so her husband would stop using her hair dryer), us with a ½ and ½ set and some friends with a lovely gift.
In a interesting aside, the elm was some leftover wood from years ago I bought from past Guild member Norm Deiders estate and it was “Boulevard Elm” that had come down in Oak Bay.
The other project we have been working on is a custom dash for an old school mini we are working on. It is Arbutus veneer that had come from a tree taken down by the city in the James Bay area.
mini dash
All the best for 2021 from Coventry Woodworks

Cam Russell & Karen Trickett

Boxes and Lots More

I've done a number of modified hexagonal boxes that were taken from the Nov/Dec issue of Fine Woodworking. It's a fun project and good for using offcuts to make shop-cut veneers. I used spalted and figured maple, chestnut (all from the Guild), and cherry. I have also done some shell carvings and a few new bandsaw boxes.

Geoff Vickers

The Triangle Side Table

Here’s the latest creation to come out of my workshop. It’s a bedside table for our guest room and I made it out of a beautiful piece of figured Arbutus wood (the other half of the board I used for the entry bench a year or so ago). One of the issues I had to overcome with this piece was that although the lumber is stunningly beautiful it did have some pretty massive defects in it. The figure is the result of tension in the wood and the grain direction changing all over the place. This tension caused some very large voids to open up in the wood during the drying process. I didn’t think it would look good to just fill them with epoxy and bowties wouldn’t have really made much sense either as there weren’t cracks to hold together. I decided to inlay some geometric shapes over the voids and make it a feature of the piece. I’m calling it the “Triangle Side Table”.
Glenn 1
Glenn 2
For the pull I wanted to stick with the triangle theme so I made it look like a triangle stuck in to the wood. The pull and all of the inlay are made from Jarrah.
The drawer is also made from a straighter grained piece of Arbutus. I used half-blind dovetails at the front of the drawer which were a bit challenging in this very hard and highly figured wood. But I’m happy with how they turned out.
I wanted to keep the base simple and I originally turned some legs to make something similar to the round table I just made for our living room. But when I put it together it didn’t look right at all. Back to the drawing board I went and came up with this even cleaner look using Black Walnut. I think with such a crazy piece of wood the base just needed to be as simple as possible.
Glenn 3
Glenn 4
Finally, I decided to actually photograph this piece a bit more professionally so I dusted off my camera and used some of my day-job skills to get the job done right.
Thanks for looking. I’d love to hear what you think!

Glenn Bartley

Neil Bosdet

President, VIWG