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October 2020 Newsletter

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Next Meeting

This a resend of last week's newsletter. Many members did not receive it for some reason. PLEASE NOTE TONIGHT'S MEETING WILL REQUIRE YOU TO ENTER THE PASSCODE AT THE END OF THE INVITE!

The next VIWG meeting will be October 13th. The meeting will be online via Zoom as we have done for the past few meetings. Here's the link:

Neil Bosdet is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: VIWG October General Meeting
Time: Oct 13, 2020 07:00 PM Vancouver
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 864 6031 8970
Passcode: 525078

Vik Peck from the Island Woodturner's Guild will join us to talk about epoxy. All you ever wanted to know about epoxy and perhaps were afraid to ask!

Glenn Bartley will be sharing his shop with us with video tour.

Rick Lloyd will be sharing some Safety tips.

All that participate in the meeting until the end will be in a draw for a Lee Valley Gift Card. All that participate with our Show and Tell, shop tour or safety tip will be entered into a draw for 10 bf of wood (value up to $25) from our Wood Recovery Program.

What is Happening in the Guild

Our inventory of logs continues to grow! We have just received logs donated by Davey Tree Service; elm, London plane and red oak. Also donated to the Guild by Point Ellice House were some elm and holly. These logs will be milled up at our next milling session, date and time to be announced.
Our last wood sale conducted by Phil Makin and Frank Letchford went very smoothly. We switched to e-transfer as the method of payment and this made things easy for all involved.
Some holly was recently offered to the Guild however it was too small to mill, so it was offered to Guild members for free on a first come, first served basis. The response from Guild members was overwhelming so the takers had to be limited to the first 5 responders. Sorry to those who missed out.
If anyone has comments, suggestions or inquiries about Wood Recovery, just email Jeff Cutler at, any and all input would be greatly appreciated.
Phil Makin will be preparing articles on the wood that the Guild has for sale. These articles, titled What's in Store, will include latest news of the Guild wood recovery offerings, procedures at sales and uses of each species in furniture, turning and carving. So watch for the latest news on the wood in our Wood Recovery Program.

Safety Talk is a new topic being put together by Glenn Bartley. As part of each meeting we are going to try to feature an aspect of safety in the shop. To do so we need to hear from you. Please contact Glenn Bartley ( to share safety in the shop ideas. These could be any of the following:
  • A technique or practise that you implement in the shop?
  • A favourite safety device or tool that you use to keep you safe.
  • A story of a close call that you have had. Maybe what you learned from it?
As guild members we can all learn from each other and there is perhaps no more important aspect than safety.

Ten Minute Tours have been added as a new item to our monthly Guild Zoom meetings. Each month we will take a short virtual tour of one of our members workshops. If you would like to host a virtual tour of your shop, please contact our Workshop and Tours Coordinator (

Fall Challenge reminder. This year's Fall Challenge is toys for kids for Santa's Anonymous! Check your guild emails for details.

The Guild has recently added e-Transfer to the available options to pay for membership fees, wood sales and other Guild events. The process is straight forward and secure. If you have questions about e-Transfer contact Dany Coulombe ( ) or Click here for the details.

Buy and Sell

There is a feature on the website menu "Buy and Sell" that allows members to see a list of items that are for sale or that are wanted. A listing can also be posted on the website. Click here for more details.

Mid-Island Woodworkers (MIWG) Wood Sale

The Mid-Island Woodworkers Guild conduct wood sales on a regular basis and VIWG Members are welcome to participate. Check the MIWG website for dates and times ( Getting to the location of the wood sales can be a bit tricky the first time so check the directions here.

We Want to Hear from You

The following articles have been provided by you to share with other VIWG Members. Thanks to all of you for your input!

Everything Must Go!

This is a complete workshop sale. It is an estate sale for a fellow who past away, the widow is downsizing to a smaller home.
When: October 17th (Saturday) from 10 am to 12 noon
Where: 1705 Kenmore Road.
Because of COVID, we request everyone wear a face mask. We’ll be starting the sale at 10 am sharp/not before. Because it’s a small garage, we will be asking only three people into the garage at a time. Folks will enter one side of the garage where the tools are and exit out the other side.
Here is a list of some of the many items for sale: Cash only please.
  • two bag dust extraction system
  • wood lathe with chisels
  • small drill press
  • bench top sander
  • electric drills
  • belt sander
  • circular saw
  • electric chain saw
  • Dremel kit
  • jigsaw
  • Pairing chisels
  • all sizes of hammers, many types of axes, several shelves of hardware, sandpaper station/storage unit, lots of hand tools, pipe clamps and more!
Contact Mark McAllister ( if you have questions.

Queen-sized Bed for the Cat

My project this month has been making two queen size bed frames. I used some nice Maple that I picked up at a mid-island wood sale in February. The headboards and footboards are held together with mortise and tenon joinery. I used some bed hardware from Lee Valley to connect the long rails to the ends. I finished the beds with 2 coats of Osmo.
Bed Frames 10 - Mortises
Bed Frames 25 - Hardware
Bed Frames 33 - Installation
Bed Frames 37 - Finished-1
Next up building some drawers to go underneath!

Glenn Bartley

Dust Deputy Solved

This may be old news to everyone, but I thought I'd share it anyway, since it was new to me.
For years I've had a Dust Deputy attached to my shop vac with bungee cords. There were casters on the bottom, and while moving it around the shop was a bit inconvenient it was no big deal. Then I agreed to help a friend replace the rear glass in a pickup truck, and had to move the vac out to my garage to suck up all the glass pebbles. At that point I decided to do something about my shop vac setup.
I dove into my too too stack (too small to be very useful but too big to burn) and pulled out a dozen pieces of 1X3 ranging from 50 to 65 cm long. I cut two of them the diameter of the vac, and made a cross with a lap joint. That went under the vac. I put uprights on the end of each piece, high enough to be proud of the top. Some bracing on the sides, another cross on the top, screwed to the uprights so it can can be removed, and a platform on top of that. Removed the casters from the Dust Deputy and bolted it to the platform.
Presto! Takes up less floor space, easier to move around, and the intake hose is at a more convenient height. (By the way, if you don't have a Dust Deputy, really recommend it. Saves a lot of filter cleaning.)

Ian Cameron

Shipping Trunk

I am currently working (slowly) on a shipping trunk, for my grandson. The material is Sapely, it is a great material to work with. Hope to completed in the next 2 weeks.

Steve Kristoffy

Demilune Table

This project brought together several techniques that are first for me . Curved laminations with vaccum press, Crossband veneering and Marquetry with sand shading.
The wood I used was a repurposed piece of Mahogany that came to me as a result of a friend cleaning out his basement. I have no idea how old the wood is but guess about 30 years.
The Marquetry was done with Holly for the flower petals and Laburnum for the leaves and stem, both from local trees. The shading was done with heated sand and double bevel marquetry technique was used on flowers and leaves. The Rose pattern came from a downloaded picture that I modified a bit and scaled to fit. I also flipped the image for the top.
I started by drawing out a design and then scaling it out on a 1 inch grid. Once I had the curves as I wanted them I made forms from spruce. I then cut veneer and cross grained Them to form the laminated curves. After vacuum pressing the sides front and back were mortice and tenon to the legs. The legs are four way tapered .
The top is a solid piece of Mahogany veneered both sides as I wanted a ogee detail on the edge. The bottom edge of apron is trimmed out to cover laminations. Finish is Osmo. Challenging but rewarding.

Don Gray

Beware of Electrical Cords

On August 10/20 I suffered a fall in my workshop. I was using my corded drill at the workbench. When I went to move to another location, it happened that my left foot was in the loop of the cord. It tripped me up, sending the drill flying, and I wound up at about a 20 degree angle with my face among the table saw controls. Result: cracked ribs, two compression fractures in the back. No treatment for it but Tylenol, rest and time. Feeling somewhat better now, but still a little unstable.
Some suggestions: check shop for tripping hazards and correct them; cordless tools probably a good idea; if corded, install some hooks on the bench to hold the cord off the floor; move about a bit more slowly and deliberately. Stay safe!

Phil Cottell

Catching Up from Last Month!

In last month's newsletter I described several projects I had been working on.
Here are photos of the hall table, CD storage chest of drawers, two Maloof inspired chairs, and a third chair nearly ready for assembly.

John Dennison

From the Dock to the Cabin

It's been a busy summer and easing into the fall has allowed me to start on a project for my family cabin on Sproat Lake.Storage has always been an issue and a spot for a corner cabinet opened up this summer.So far I've made the doors and front frame out of leftover yellow cedar from a dock project a couple of years ago.
Door slats
The body is interesting in that I've never made a triangular object before and sorting out how to hold everything in place at the same time was thought provoking.I've got a way to go to complete it. Perhaps I'll get a finished picture here in the future.

Randy Dahlquist

Neil Bosdet

President, VIWG