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August 2020 Newsletter

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Next Meeting
The next VIWG meeting will Tuesday, September 8th. The meeting will be another virtual meeting using Zoom.

Wood Sale

Summer is really here and I wish you a good one so far. Stay tuned as we will be having a WOOD SALE in September, right around the corner. We will have dry project ready and unseasoned wood for sale along with some nice slabs.

VIWG Member in CW&HI

The August/September issue of Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement has an article on Canadian-Made Wooden Spoons. One of the featured sets of utensils is by Glenn Bartley, a VIWG member.

Mid-Island Woodworkers (MIWG) Wood Sale
The Mid-Island Woodworkers Guild conduct wood sales on a regular basis and VIWG Members are welcome to participate. Check the MIWG website for dates and times ( Getting to the location of the wood sales can be a bit tricky the first time so check the directions here.
Do You Have Some Workshop Items You No Longer Use?
If you have tools or jigs that are taking up valuable space in your workshop and
  • you are no longer using them
  • they are in good condition
Then bring them along to the Guild meeting and give them to Randy so they can be part of the evening raffle.

We want to hear from you

The following articles have been provided by you to share with other VIWG Members. Thanks to all of you for your input!

Carved Utensils

Stopped by and talked to John at Lee Valley a couple of weeks back. When I received my edition of Canadian Woodworker. He pointed me in the direction of perhaps doing some carving. This is my first attempt at carving anything. So I’ve cut several more blanks for the winter time. See how this progresses.

Rick Clark

Summer Projects

Here are a couple recent project I did for my daughters summer place on Shawnigan Lake. There is a beautiful huge Arbutus tree that looks over the lake that was begging for a lounge swing. I made it out of cedar scraps which were from some trees they took down on the property. I decided to do it all in mortise and tenon joints as I had never done them before so built a jig and went at it. All total there were 80 M&T joints. Also built a set of 4 Adirondack chairs with foot stools.
The Adirondacks were from some old Norm Abram plans. The lounge chair was my version of a swing lounge my daughter saw on vacation in Costa Rica. Fun builds.

Dave Rouse

Turning with a Twist

I have still been really busy with work, but did find a bit of time to get into the shop.
I know it is a turning, but there was a lot of cutting and gluing involved (more than actually turning I would say). Overall dimensions are around 5.5” x 6.5” to the top of the finial. Each layer is 3/16” thick. There are 17 rows multi colored plus a solid base and lid with finial attached. Each layer is a glue up of 32 strips of wood. The strips were glued into boards, resawed and thickness planed. Then cut into circles. The circles were then glued up to create the shape offsetting each layer by one to get the tornado effect. Hours? I have no idea of. Lots of glue and tape. Finished with Tried and True Danish oil.

Scott Reid

Project Completed

Last month, I wrote about a console table that I was making but wasn’t finished yet. Well, it’s done now, hope you like it. The white parts have been finished with lacquer. The grey area is a gel stain. All the wood is VIWG Garry oak.

Jeff Cutler

The Old and the New

I have certainly enjoyed reading the newsletter and have gotten a kick out of seeing my fellow members work during the past few months!
I have completed two bedside cabinets. They were made out of a 1860's dining table (Cuban Mahogany). Yes, I just marked it out for rough cutting and got the skill saw out. Took a little courage to cut it up. The problem was the table was massive (nearly six feet wide). It was made for a time when people had servants to bring you your food. Anyway, Cuban mahogany is like nothing I have used before and with polished hardwax oil, it glows.
I had to resaw some of it to get enough material for the job. I made design decisions to mimic a Victorian sideboard which I rebuilt and turned into a dresser with new veneers. I have kept the legs (which were turned and hand carved - tool marks are a little inconsistent leg to leg) and the dovetailed opening mechanism. Not tossing them out, I need a design to use them! Best wishes to you all.

Phil Makin

The Wrong End of a Wheelbarrow

It's been a busy summer so far for me. Mainly I've been working on getting my back patio and pergola project all finished up. This involved jackhammering, wheelbarrowing, digging, digging and more digging. I moved over 50,000 lbs of aggregate by wheelbarrow. Yuck!! But I'm finally done and back in the shop working with wood.
Patio and Pergola-09
BBQ Zone-07
My first furniture project was a new coffee table for our living room out of Eastern Maple. It replaced the old one which is now out on the patio.
I also knocked out a little BBQ zone out of some fir boards that I got from the guild coffers.

Glenn Bartley


Neil Bosdet
President, VIWG