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Fall 2020 Toy Challenge

Hi subscriber,

The challenge for the Fall of 2020 will be to build a children's toy for Christmas.
Projects must be completed and available for delivery to CFAX Anonymous by November 30, 2020. A collection site will be arranged. Take a picture of your toy to display at the December 8th Guild meeting.
Screenshot_2020-09-14 Wooden Toys - Toys + Gifts West Coast Kids
Screenshot_2020-09-14 Wooden Toys - Toys + Gifts West Coast Kids(1)
wheelie cars 2-1
The following conditions must be met for the toys:
  • Safety in design is paramount
  • Materials, wood and finish must be non-toxic
  • Designed for longevity
  • Designs providing for interactive learning are encouraged
  • Projects can be simple “pull toys” or complex depending upon the builder
  • Projects should be transportable with minimal effort
  • Projects probably should be gender neutral. But lots of kids like specific toys
Some example toy sites:
As most of you know, the Guild also has membership access to Fine Woodworking and Canadian Woodworker. There are lots of examples in there too or for more examples of toys to build, click here.

Make sure you take pictures of your toys as there will be a draw for a Lee Valley Gift Card, more details to follow.

If you have questions or concerns please contact Rick Lloyd ( )