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March 2020 Newsletter

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Next Meeting
The next VIWG meeting will Tuesday, March 10th. The meeting is starting at 7:15 pm at Lee Valley Tools in Colwood. Come early and do some shopping!
Our presenters will be Tom and Jennifer Dolese. If you visit their website,Terra Firma, you’ll discover that Tom Dolese was born on a Navaho Reservation in Arizona, but grew up in Alaska. He studied Geophysics and Environmental Geology at Western Washington University. But while doing geophysical research at Yellowstone, he decided to build a cabin in the Beartooth Mountains—and discovered that he loved wood more than rocks. Then he met and married Jennifer, after which he set up a woodworking shop in Missoula, Montana, where she was from. She had done a degree in English and Environmental Studies at universities in the US and Germany, but when she married Tom she took up stained glass and later marquetry, often collaborating with Tom. In time they moved to Bellingham, where they now live and share a shop. Tom teaches classes in his shop but also at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking. Tom has bought the rights to the Stanfield II Horizontal Mortiser, which he has manufactured and sells. He will demonstrate the functioning of this mortiser as part of his talk on chair design and building. Jennifer will also talk about her work.
Milling Rough Lumber Workshop, March 15th.
For those members who have been intrigued by the prospect of using Guild recovered wood, but are unsure of how to convert the rough-cut boards to dimensional lumber for projects, Neil Bosdet will conduct a workshop demonstrating the steps required. The workshop will be held in Neil's workshop on Sunday, March 15th, 1000-1130, 6583 Wallace Drive, Brentwood Bay.

March Wood Sale
There will be a wood sale on Sunday, March 22nd at 9:30 at Neil Bosdet's 6583 Wallace Drive, Brentwood Bay. More information on timing and the need for volunteers will be forthcoming.
Visions in Wood 2020 - Update
We have received a super response to the call for entries, thank you!We are nearing capacity for the main gallery. Our goal is to allow as many members as possible the opportunity to have work in the show! Entries received from now until March 30 will be provisional, meaning that we will contact the maker to confirm entry to the show. Entries are accepted on a first come first accepted basis for the first furniture sized piece. Additional pieces are subject to available space. Our goal is to make everyone happy if we can! If you have never put a piece in a show, now is the time to give it a go.
We do have available space in the display case for small objects. To date, we have no handmade tools (which the public loves), very few turned objects, no carved objects, no lighting.You have plenty of time to design and make something small by our set up date of April 20!A reminder that as in prior years, we ask all makers to take a shift as a Guild Ambassador for 3 hours during the show which runs from April 21 to May 10. You will have an opportunity to sign up soon.
May 11 is pickup day. Thanks again for your response so far. If you have any questions, please give us a call or email at: Phil 250.592.4033 Frank 778.426.3387
A sign-up sheet will be available at the VIWG March 10th monthly meeting, or contact to get your name on the list.
Special Interest Groups
The first two Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are off to a good start. The first steps in forming these Groups was to have a series of workshop visits with a focus on topics of interest. Several workshops have been or will be visited by the end of March. These tours will be followed up by further discussions on future direction for the SIGs. If you are interested in one or both of these SIGs please contact Peter Pinfold ( ) Boxes or John Tucker ( ) Musical Instruments.
Mid-Island Woodworkers (MIWG) Wood Sale
The Mid-Island Woodworkers Guild conduct wood sales on a regular basis and VIWG Members are welcome to participate. Check the MIWG website for dates and times ( Getting to the location of the wood sales can be a bit tricky the first time so check the directions here.
Chapel by the Sea
Some of you may remember visiting Lowell Hinrichs' property and workshop a few years ago as part of a Guild tour. Recently, the WoodMizer Company published the winners in a bunch of different woodworking categories (all involving the use of WoodMizer saws). Lowell was one of them! Visit the WoodMizer publication for more details.
Do You Have Some Workshop Items You No Longer Use?
If you have tools or jigs that are taking up valuable space in your workshop and
  • you are no longer using them
  • they are in good condition
Then bring them along to the Guild meeting and give them to Randy so they can be part of the evening raffle.

Neil Bosdet
President, VIWG