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  1. Here is a “wish list” of tools and supplies the Cridge Centre for the Family Woodworking Program could use.

    If guild members have shop things they are thinking of getting rid of, please contact Mark McAllister (contact info below) and see if it is something we can put to good use!

    1. Jointer Plane
    2. Any kind of Low Angle Plane
    3. Rybo Pull Saw
    4. Mortice chisels
    5. Sand Paper of varying grits
    6. Japanese Bench Chisels
    7. Drill bits with spurs
    8. Squares of varying sizes
    9. Carpenter Marking Compass to make circles
    10. Pipe Clamps – Any Size appreciated
    11. Sharpening guide for chisels/plane blades
    12. Shop Vac/Dust Extraction System (we want to get away from using dust masks if possible)
    13. Shoulder Plane
    14. Steam bending/wood bending system
    15. Brace bits (we have braces)

    WOOD: We can us any species of hardwood that is fairly clear in lengths from a foot or longer, we are making boxes and other small items and welcome any donation.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Mark McAllister

    About the Cridge Centre for Families
    The Cridge registered as a charity in Victoria in 1873, and has the single-digit charity number 9 to prove it. The Cridge Centre ran an orphanage in the city in those early days, on a green and park‐like stretch of property along Hillside Avenue where it still operates. But the world has changed many times over since then, and the Christian‐based Cridge has adapted as needed. Today, the orphanage is a distant memory but the caring continues, through a diverse array of services to all ages of people with a wide variety of needs, now including the woodworking program.

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