Wood Sale

Socially Distanced Wood Fall Sale

When: Sunday September 27th

Where: 6583 Wallace Drive

Time: starts at 10:00 am and ends at 4:30 pm ( 1/2 hour time slots – 2 members per time slot)

We have single boards and slabs into individually labelled, you choose from the top of the stack
The labels provide the species, date of milling and the number of board feet and are found on one end of each board.

Boards – dry oak, unseasoned oak, unseasoned maple and a few other species (what is paulownia)
Slabs – a few unseasoned and seasoned slabs which are favorably priced.
Payment:  etransfer, only if necessary cheque/cash

Bring and wear your mask.

Click here to reserve a time slot.


If you have questions or concerns contact Phil Makin 250-592-4033 pmakin@shaw.ca