pop up gallery

The Guild has put a “pop-up gallery” installation in a high traffic location at the Saanich Municipal Hall. Members displaying/selling their work include: Jim Barker, Graham Dragushan, Eric Gesigner, Mick Harvey, Bruce Hodgson, Rick Lloyd, Phil Makin and John Tucker.

In addition to the work, we have two information pieces discussing the Guild and promoting the Guild’s many services to Members. We invite the public to our next Guild meeting and inform them of our community activities such as Wood Recovery. The month-long show ends September 24th with take down the following day.

We were offered this opportuinity by the Arts Centre at Cedar Hill. Your Show Committee said yes, not knowing what the response would be from our Membership, but it came together nicely.

The gallery is located at the main entrance to Saanich Municipal Hall. Please take the opportunity to have a look. These opportunities will benefit the Guild in the future.


From the Show Committee, Frank Letchford and Phil Makin

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