Please follow the steps below to use PayPal to pay your annual VIWG Membership fees ($50.00). These instructions can be printed by clicking the "print" icon at the bottom of the page.


Step 1. Read all of the steps then click on PayPal ( PayPal Account )

Step 2. Continue to the next page of your PayPal account where you can start a new transaction "Pay or Sending Money"

Step 3. Click on "Pay for goods and services" in the box where it says "email" type, this will take you to the final page

Step 4. Enter $50.00 for the amount and add "annual VIWG fees" in the box where it says "Special instructions for seller"

Step 5. Submit your payment and then exit your PayPal account, you will be notified by VIWG when your membership has been confirmed

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