Below are the instructions for using e-transfer to pay for your membership dues or other related fees with VIWG. Please be aware that these instructions may not be exactly the same as your financial institution.

  1. Log in to your online banking.
  2. To set up VIWG as a recipient, find the ‘Manage Recipients’ or ‘Add a Contact’ link.  The new recipient email is treasurer@viwg.com.  We are not set up to accept e-transfers by mobile phone. Confirm and exit once complete.
  3. Find the ‘Send e-transfer’ link.  Complete the transaction:
  • Select ‘treasurer@viwg.com’ as the recipient
  • Identify the account the funds should come from
  • Enter the amount of the transfer
  • In the message box, please describe the reason for the payment (i.e. membership fee, wood sale, etc.). 
  • Note that VIWG has registered for auto-deposit so there is no need to enter a security question.