Below are the instructions for using e-Transfer to pay for your membership fees or other related fees with VIWG. Please be aware that the instructions below may not be exactly the same as your financial institution.


1. log in to your online banking, select Interact e-Transfer and follow the instructions on the screen

2. select Get started: the recipient name is ” Vancouver Island Woodworker’s Guild ” and the recipient email is  treasurer@viwg.com .

3. once the recipient is registered, return to the Interact e-Transfer and fill in the blanks

Sender email address:  your email address

Recipient name:  Vancouver Island Woodworker’s Guild 

From Account:  select the account you want to use to pay your membership

e-Transfer amount:  amount depending on transaction ($50 for membership fees)

Security question:  write your security question here and make sure to email the answer to “treasurer@viwg.com” in a separate email

Message to recipient:  what is the e-Transfer for – Membership (new or renewal) or another VIWG transaction (wood sale, etc.)


4. send money/ confirm/ review

5. finished, your are done and the transaction has been sent

6. don’t forget to send the answer to your security question to treasurer@viwg.com in a separate email!

7. once the money has been transferred by the VIWG Treasurer you will receive an email receipt

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